Two Symphonies and Postumus

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2Vni, Vla, Vc
Dur. (min.):
11 Nov. 2012 Diligentia Theater, The Hague on the 100th Anniversary Dutch Chamber Music Society by Ruysdael Kwartet
Info/Program notes:
Commissioned by the Dutch Chamber Music Society.
The Netherlands is a very windy country; this is probably why I got so fascinated by wind chimes. Not only by their sweet, beautiful sound, but also by the idea of sounds randomly winding in an endless circle – is randomness chaos? - or is it in fact a different order? These two radically clashing ideas create the two symphonies – like two worlds, which are so far and at the same time, so close to each other; sometimes it is hard to draw the line between them. And after… -What is after?... After the circle is completed, is there something more? Just like in the Universe - is there an end?- or is there another “post-world of circles”?
Other Performances:
04 Mar. 2013 Union of Bulgarian Composers Concert Hall| Frosch String Quartet-Bulgaria
11-12 Dec. 2013 Recording sessions at the Bulgarian National Radio| Frosch String Quartet-Bulgaria

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