“Time Etudes” success at the 63rd International Rostrum of Composers

“Time Etudes” for orchestra, two female choirs and voice solo received “recommended work” at the 63rd International Rostrum of Composer (IRC) held in Wroclaw between 16 and 21 May.

 Peter Kerkelov’s "Time Etudes" is in the top 10 "recommended works" in the "general category" chosen by the panel that are worth for broadcasting by radio stations all over the world. The composition was commissioned by the Bulgarian National Radio especially for the IRC as a follow up to the win at the 59th IRC in the "under 30" category of his piece "Attempt at Screaming". The performance is by the Orchestra and Female stuff of the Mixed choir of Bulgarian National Radio with Reut Rivka Shabi soprano solo under Dragomir Yossifov.

listen to Time Etudes

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